Transform is a Trans-led organization based in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a satellite program at Have A Gay Day in Dayton, Ohio,.

A journey can begin with a single thread. At Transform we work with transgender and gender non-conforming community members to provide free wardrobes with everything they need head to toe. The destination is yours to create, we are here to help you get started; with free clothing and wardrobe styling.

Closet Appointments at Have A Gay Day Inc.

At Transform each style is carefully curated because this experience is uniquely yours. We curate a clothing rack with full wardrobe options based off of each client’s responses to our closet appointment form. Our services for youth are free, private, and by appointment only. Transform is a space for you and those that support you.

Sign up for a closet appointment in Dayton / Coming Soon 

Sign up for a closet appointment in Cincinatti

Transform’s closet is where the transgender and non-binary community can swap out old clothes for a new free wardrobe that better fits their identity, styled head to toe by teen volunteers in a private environment. Please fill out this form so we can book your Transform appointment! We will contact you to set up a date and time.

Currently the programs appointments are focused on serving ages 5-25 but please check for “all ages appointments” as they become available. 


Please fill out your own form, or parents, have your child fill out the form! It makes the best appointment when we know details about what they want and the styles they like.

Frequently Asked Questions


“What/How can I donate?”

Monetary donations can be made here. We also have an Amazon Wishlist where you can ship items we are in need of to us.

Transform is accepting good condition clothes and shoes in youth and teen styles with no rips, stains, holes, tears, and age-inappropriate language and imagery. Currently, we are only looking for

Denim and leather jackets in all sizes

46in+ waist jeans/pants (masculine and feminine)

Overalls/Jumpsuits in all sizes

2X-3X and above shirts and pants (masculine and feminine)

Size 5-8 masculine or neutral sneakers and boots

Size 11-15 Feminine Shoes.

Clothing needs are subject to change and specific client items may be requested for Transform through our social media.

“Can I ship my clothing?”

We are not accepting shipped clothing. If you’re looking to donate from far away, please consider shopping our Amazon Wishlist or making a fiscal contribution instead.

“I am interested in writing/broadcasting/creating something about Transform. How do I get in touch with your team?”

 Please contact us here, or though our social media listed below. We are run by a small team of volunteers, so please be patient as we get back to you as soon as possible

Transform in the News

“JUNE 2021
“When we say the word ‘transform’ sometimes we think of a glam makeover scene in a movie, but most of the times when kids are leaving it’s really the expression on their faces and the big difference in how confident they feel that’s the transformation.”
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JUNE 2021

“With co-founders Nancy Dawson and Ella Dastillung, they found a program unique not just to Cincinnati, but possibly the country. ‘We actually looked it up, to have something where it’s appointment only, curated outfits — you’re here, it’s not a closet or an exchange — we’re not seeing that anywhere,’ they said. ‘We’ve got someone coming in from Los Angeles this summer, who’s got an appointment with their mom.’”
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“For teens, having the ability to tell the world who they are and how that aligns with their gender identity is hugely important, says Sarah Pickle, a medical doctor at the University of Cincinnati. “For young teens and adults, for social acceptance, for improvement in self-confidence and mood, and also to allow for that connection, for an individual to say, ‘Here’s who I am, here’s how I’m going to express that to the world.’ “
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Wardrobe Update: Clothing Exchange Caters To Transgender Youth
Scott Simon (NPR)


“You might think your style is one thing and find out it’s a completely different thing. That gets expensive, and you are growing too, so it’s really complicated. So one thing I really love about this is that kids are free to come back in and try different things or get new stuff,” Dastillung said.

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“I deal with trans youth through Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and so we encounter a lot of times when a kid will transition, the parents are like, ‘Oh no, we have to get a whole new wardrobe,'” Vaught said. “Can you imagine you’re buying a wardrobe for a child at the beginning of school? It’s already tight with money and then they transition and you want to support them, but you’re like we don’t have the money.”
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