Many people have reached out to us asking us how we are doing what we are doing.  The answer is digital billboards, and partnerships.   Putting up a digital billboard means we can have designs that go up in as quickly as a few minutes up to a few days from our experience.  

If you plan on putting up billboards you can do that and support us at the same time.  

We are not getting paid to promote Blip, it is the company that we used last year and are using this year for our sending love to the Transgender Community.  


For every referral that spends $100 on a billboard campaign, we get $50 in credit. Also, you get a $25 credit too! Clicking the button above is a link using our referral code. 

If you are using digital billboards  that aren’t set up like Blip, here’s a few tips to make your campaign more effective.

Ask about specials.
Instead of signing a contract for a month, ask about signing contracts for 1-2 week increments.  
Ask if during rotations that your graphic shows once every two rotations.
Ask for off peak times or for specific times during the day.  Such as, requesting that your graphics only show during heavy traffic times.


We would suggest Canva which allows you to create graphics in the exact sizes that you need for billboards.  Also most digital billboard companies offer design services and there are other options like Fiverr.  


Charity Tips:

With Blip, they offer a 1:1 match.  Meaning if you spend $100 they will match your $100 and there is no limit.  Making your $ go further makes all the difference. 

Some digital and traditional sign companies may also offer space for low cost or free to charities.