We have been approached by multiple members of the community asking that we create a wishlist of things we would love to have to give to the community or projects that we would like to specifically receive funding for.  From the basics to the biggest dreams they asked us what we wanted and so we created this list for those looking to understand our needs and ways to get involved with our work in the community.  If someone fulfils an item listed on our wishlist it will be updated to show the need was met or the funding took place.



Executive Director

Grant Writers

Admin Assistant
-An admin assistant was hired in May 2023 thanks for funding that was received through a non-restrictive grant. 

Volunteer Coordinator

Community Outreach 


Social Media Manager

Program Services

Strategic Planning

Building Maintenance 

Current Location:

Drop Ceilings in our food pantry.
– This was partially funded by Old Scratch Pizza and in August 2023 this wish was completed. 

Air conditioning / heating for our food pantry.
– A split unit was purchased in August 2023 through funding through a grant that we were awarded by the Horizons Foundation and Give Out Day.  A contractor is expected to install the unit with completion in August.  This wish is in progress.

Personal Care Space
We are adding a space to do laundry, self care, shower, restroom, by appointment.  We expect the cost to be between $12,000-$15,000.  So far we have received a $5,000 donation from Synchrony Financial for this project. This wish is in progress.

Mini Pet food Pantry box
-In August 2023 we added a mini pet food pantry box which was funded by Synchrony Financial.

Future Location:
Property – We are looking for property with acreage that could be used to start the development of emergency housing, wrap around services, and an LGBTQ+ Community Campus.

Emergency Housing-  We are looking for funding or building sponsorships to create monolithic dome homes for emergency housing.  We currently utilize hotel spaces and this expansion would be more cost effective going forward.