We’re delighted to share that in the fall of 2024, we will be launching an exciting program called Community Share. This program aims to foster connections and support within our community by bringing together volunteers and members of the community who are elderly or shut-in.
Community Share will provide a platform for individuals to connect with volunteers who are eager to lend a helping hand. Through this program, members of the community will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of options for interaction and support, tailored to their preferences and needs.
One of the primary goals of Community Share is to encourage regular check-ins and meaningful interactions between volunteers and community members. This can include activities such as sharing meals together, where volunteers can either drop off a prepared meal, take someone out for a meal, or even join community members in creating and enjoying a meal together. We believe that sharing a story, a meal, or simply spending time together can create deep and meaningful friendships.
By facilitating these connections, Community Share aims to bring our community closer together. We believe that through this program, not only will community members receive the support and companionship they may need, but new friendships will also be formed, fostering a sense of belonging and unity within our community.
We are excited about the launch of Community Share in the fall of 2024 and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on our community. Together, let’s create a stronger and more connected community through the power of sharing and friendship.