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Free Little Pantry
Personal Care Project
Food Pantry
Pet Food Pantry
Seasonal Pantry
Ada Gaden Project

In December 2023, Have A Gay Day began developing a new website through a partnership with a company in Greece. The site will be accessible globally and will feature quick escape features, avoiding the use of cookies so that it will not be blocked in any country, and will use color variables to aid screen readers. The site will use the latest technologies, be mobile-friendly and will be open sourced. It will include every tool used by the organization, every fundraising method, and every piece discovered in their growth. The organization asked the global community for suggestions, and they will add as many as possible. The website is designed to benefit the community and has the potential to effectively change the landscape of what is possible.


Our double match days are March 2nd and March 23 at the Meijer location in Huber Heights Ohio.  When you purchase a $10 gift card, no matter how many Meijer not only matches the donation but double matches the amount.  Amounts are double matched up to $5,000 each day with a possibility of up to $30,000 being received.  This helps us fill in the voids for food for the Community.  If you donate online or in check form just leave a note for Meijer and we will apply those funds to our double match days.

Billboard Locations 2024

Fundraising Events and Event Sponsorships