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  • soup

    The Alphabet of Equality

    Amid a whirlwind of social controversies involving the LGBT community, one of the most intriguing dialogues has to do with the movement’s title itself. While the most commonly used acronyms take on some form of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender equality, there is often a push to shine a spotlight on the various lesser-known orientations […]

  • bivis

    Why does Bisexuality need visibility?

    I recall one of the first times I ever walked into a “gay bar” and heard a drag queen ask the audience, “Who here is gay?” and then “Who here is straight?” and finally the thing that is still stuck in my head almost ten years later “Who is Bisexual and still on the fence […]

  • SACRAMENTO, CA - NOVEMBER 22:  Supporters of gay marriage rally on the steps of the State Capitol November 22, 2008 in Sacramento, California. People across the country continue to protest the passing of California State Proposition 8 which makes gay marriage in California illegal. (Photo by Max Whittaker/Getty Images)

    Supreme Court Rulings

    By Jeremy Wiedle A recent email from the Human Rights Campaign surprised me with a more than-confident message on the upcoming oral arguments for marriage equality. “Now that the fight for marriage equality is over,” the title read. HRC and other leading national LGBT organizations are heralding this “historic decision” before any judgment from the […]

  • behav

    The Response to Hate

    Gay marriage opponents have taken to Michigan’s billboards, sponsoring some head-turning messages about homosexuality. One electronic billboard on Telegraph Road, just south of Warren, says this: ”Homosexuality is a behavior. Not a civil right.” It also shows two photos: One is of an African-American man that reads: Born Black. The other is a face covered […]

  • advoc

    Billboards in Dayton Ohio

    A few of the billboard images. Click the image for full size. In the past we have seen billboards going up for and against same sex marriage. That marriage is about “1 man and 1 woman” or that “love is love”.  In Dayton Ohio this week an organization called Have A Gay Day put up […]

  • leela


      An organization in Ohio called Have A Gay Day has announced they will be hosting a candlelight vigil in honor of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn who recently took her own life. The vigil we be held at 7 PM today (Friday), at Gooddale Park in Columbus Ohio. (120 West Goodale Street, Columbus, OH 43215) […]

  • tprid

    The Invisible People of the Transgender Community

    Leelah Alicorn The story of people committing suicide in the Transgender community is nothing new. The percentage of people that have thought about committing suicide or have attempted is the highest in the LGBT community. Recently there was a story that was sent to us about a girl named Leelah, 17 years old from Ohio. […]

  • commr

    Have A Gay Day Fundraising Partners

    Have A Gay Day wants to tell you a couple ways that you can help them out. There are a few fundraisers and companies that they have partnered with to raise some funds. The first fundraiser Have A Gay Day is taking part in is Community Days by Elder Beerman. How it works is simple. […]

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