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The “Gay” Agenda

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The Story of “The Gay Agenda”

I was taking a vacation in Georgia in 2016 and stopped at a McDonald’s for some breakfast.  As I was waiting my turn I watched the car ahead of me.  The driver paid the lady and also I watched as she handed out what appeared to be a brochure.  I was immediately curious what had been given to the lady taking money and giving out food.  I waited a few more moments and the driver left with food in hand as I drove forward to pay for my food.  As I did I asked the lady what the last car had given her.  She said, well they gave me this and handed me a brochure.   The brochure was from a group called the “Jehovah’s Witnesses” and the lady at the drive through window said she received pamphlets and religious cards all the time.

As a server I used to receive a card or brochure talking about salvation to a faith or belief from time to time so I related and understood what it felt like to be handed one of these faith based pamphlets.  There had been times that someone had left what appeared to be a tip and once picking up a five or ten dollar bill realizing it wasn’t real, but actually a quote or two from scripture and that was the tip given to help my finances for that week.  What I would have given to see all the fake money with verses turned into something real  that would allow me to put food on my table and given me support when it came to paying my bills.

“The Plan”
So I have always heard about “The Gay Agenda” that gay people wanted this, that, and something else.  So I thought about it and said, “If they want to see an Agenda, let’s create one.”  Let’s create an agenda that is uplifting, supportive, and educational.  This isn’t going to be “gay” as in Gay focused, this is going to be gay as in all the good things that someone needs in their life and also will make a positive impact in the LGBT community and also with everyone that supports us.

“It Begins”
So what we will do is start by creating cards that will have quotes and positive encouragements.
Then we will create cards that will have help lines, suicide prevention lines, and talk lines.
Finally we will include cards that will have education about the LGBT community and its history.

The great thing is, we can expand our agenda and our support as we see a need in the community.  We can create the Agenda that people have feared for years.  Education, Support, and creating a safe space in our community.

Launching October 2016