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Project K.I.N.D.

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Project K.I.N.D. known as Kindness Inspired Nothing Desired is the Pay it Forwards Project of Have A Gay Day.  Our goal is to provide services and goods to the local community and in time a broader reach beyond our local headquarters and across the globe.  Starting October 2016 this project will come to life.

What is K.I.N.D.

Being kind isn’t always about the big things.  It can be the small things that really matter to someone.  A bus token to make it to an appointment.  A gift card to get a few gallons of gasoline to make it to work.  It could be a meal just to tide you over until your next paycheck.

As long as it potentially could help someone that needs the assistance we will do what we can to offer a Kindness.

How does it work?

Kind works by the donations of individuals and businesses.  Someone in need may come into our office fill out a brief request form for an item.   Someone is allowed to do this once per month.  If there is an emergency situation we will consider giving up to three times per month to an individual or family.  Any item that is requested that we do not have or can’t immediately purchase will be listed on this website.

To find out more visit our office at 10 West 2nd Street, the 22nd floor, suite 2201 in Dayton Ohio