In 2017 we started our food pantry with a donation of $500 worth of groceries from Kroger.  We wanted to create a safe, accepting, and supportive space for those that might be in need of food.   It started a bit slowly but over time with the help from our community it began to grow.  Currently our food pantry serves between 30-50 families per month and in time we are hoping to expand this reach as the need grows and as people find our space to be kind.  


Over time we expanded our pantry to make a stronger impact in the community.  We now have personal care items, pet food, baby items, and winter and seasonal items.  If there is a need we do our best to find a solution to meet the communities requests.  We have given away items like crock-pots and personal area heaters.  We will do what we can to make the largest difference for those in need and are blessed to be supported in doing s.


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