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Welcome to the Have A Gay Day Community Center drop in space.  This is a community center that is funded and supported by Have A Gay Day and the many supporters across the world that make this space possible.  We are completely operational based on volunteers and continue to expand and grow because of amazing people that help us grow.  Without the financial support, the volunteers, and the passion of the community to create safe spaces and better tomorrows we wouldn’t exist.  We are Community driven, and thank each of you for supporting us. 

Drop In Space

Our Community Center has an amazing drop in space.  There are some chairs and couches and space that allows you to come in, grab a seat and just relax.  This is a safe space and when you’re looking for a place to just get away we welcome you to our space.  Have a seat, stay a while, and listen to some music.  Our wifi is free and make sure you grab some snacks and a coffee and stay a while. 

This space continues to grow and change based on the in kind donations and gifts from the community.  We always are adding new touches and improving our space. 


Our drop in community center features a large resource room.  There are computers that are easily accessible for all your projects and needs as well as printers for anything you need to print out free of cost.  There is a resource wall in our resource room and also more resources available in our pantry.  The library features hundreds of books, comics, and magazines that can be checked out as well as an audio and video selection.  There are board games and toys for all ages as well. 

Our Kitchen

Our kitchen is open to anyone that stops in and is also used by our volunteers.  Every month we have been blessed with generous donors that allow us to purchase snacks, drinks, and food for our guests.  There are always healthy options and even some vegan, vegetarian, and carb free choices too.  We are truly grateful to everyone that supports this and makes it possible.  

Our Food Pantry

Have A Gay Day operated a food pantry that is currently open the third Tuesday of each month from 10:00am – 2:00pm.  Those that are using this pantry must be based in the 45439 zip code.  Those that are visiting this space for the first time are welcome but going forward we will refer out to a closer pantry as we are a part of a network of pantries for the county.  All that is required is a statement of income to qualify.  

Have A Gay Day also operates a Pet Food pantry.  This is also open the same time as our regular pantry times and hours.  You do not have to be in the 45439 zip code to qualify and you also contact the community center if you have a pet food emergency throughout the month.  Food for pets is on a first come first serve basis. 

Our Garden

Our garden is open from Spring till Fall and each year we grow different things and test what’s the most needed and wanted in the community.  The garden is open and available for the community to come in and care for the garden and also to come in and pick as you need.  We do not spray the plants but we occasionally do spray a natural pepper solution on the plants to keep bugs out.  So, please remember to rinse off the plants you get from our garden.  

Our Group Space

Our group space can seat about 20-30 people and also is on the first level of our building.  Times are reserved at least 30 days in advance of the event.  Our space also is equipped with a full kitchen that can be used for snacks or food for events.  There is also seating in the kitchen for about 6-8 people as well.  There are volunteer groups that meet up in our space that are connected to Have A Gay Day and other groups that meet that are not connected to the organization.  Current meetups are normally listed on our Calendar of events.  

Calendar of Events

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The mission of Have A Gay Day is to create a safe environment for the purpose of Equality, Education, and support for the LGBT Community and their Allies.


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