As an organization our goal has always been about bringing community together and supporting everything and everyone that we can.  The billboard project started as positive messages directed at those that needed it in their day to day lives.  We found that digital media was the best and most responsible thing to do as far as visibility and cost.  Starting in 2015-2016 we put up graphics covering many issues.  We covered issues such as faith, acceptance, adoption, diversity, and simple reminders of humanity.  Since we started putting up billboards hundreds of thousands of people have viewed them.  They have been put up to date in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.


After we realized the impact these signs were having we decided to reach out to other LGBT organizations and offered them space and graphics on our billboards.  We created all the graphics from them and placed them on busy interstates and boosted them through social media and through the news.  Some organizations that normally may not have the budget for billboards or help lines that may not normally have the visibility we decided to give them a boost and in doing so not only impacted the lives of those seeing the signs but the impact of boosting the whole communities voice.  This is a project we will continually re-visit as the impact has been deep and the results have been felt for years. 

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