Welcome to the global projects of Have A Gay Day.  Here you will find projects that we have created or are a part of and instructions how you can create your own events or partner with us to make a bigger impact. 


With your help, we can change the world. 

There are two Home for the Holidays programs. 

One program is from home to home and allows people to connect locally with families that have a place for individuals to come together for the holidays.  

A second program is something that is formed by groups, organizations, and causes that create a larger event that’s open to the community to come together.  This may be with food, games, gifts, movies, or whatever best suits the organizers of the event.   

Most of the first program is done through the Facebook group online.  The second program is more organized through our website and through Facebook events. 

Home for the Holidays was started in Canada and quickly moved on social media to become a global movement.  Initially it started as people opening up their homes for members of the LGBTQ Community that didn’t have family or accepting family for the holidays.  

Partner with us and create a Home for The Holidays event in your city. 


As more people partner with us we will add them to our map.  Check out the Find An Event Near You button to find a complete listing of events. 

Q and A

Question:  Who can I invite to this event?  
Answer:  Anyone is welcome to this event that you wish.  It should have a sense of community and togetherness and acceptance.  Initially this event was created for people in the LGBT community that didn’t have a safe space to go home to.  We welcome all because all people deserve to be welcomed and loved.  

Servire Aliis literally means “Serving Others” and that’s what we do in changing the world for the better.   This name and idea came in partnership with active duty members of the Air Force and the name and idea has grown and now we’re asking you to become a part of this movement to make a difference.   

Volunteering doesn’t mean you have to form a local group or even have a specific plan.  It just means going into the community and making a difference.   Make sure you register with us and let us know what you’re doing to make a difference.  We award service awards and recognize the groups making a difference. 

Be a part of the change you want to see.

Register your group and volunteer events with us and start volunteering today.
Servire Aliis
Have an amazing idea that you would like to see us turn into a global project?

The mission of Have A Gay Day is to create a safe environment for the purpose of Equality, Education, and support for the LGBT Community and their Allies.


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