Support Equality With #GIVINGTUESDAY

Have A Gay Day 2018 #givingtuesday

Support Equality With #GIVINGTUESDAY

Thanksgiving: Phew. Black Friday: Yikes. Small Business Saturday: A little better. Cyber Monday: Better with Amazon Smile. Does your inner light feel a bit dim? That’s why #GIVINGTUESDAY exists. Have A Gay Day supports equality and love, and #GIVINGTUESDAY is a fun way to be part of that mission.


Giving Tuesday (usually styled #GIVINGTUESDAY) is our chance to take a deep breath, support the causes we believe in, get on Santa’s “nice list,” and avoid throwing your change into those red buckets in a last-minute fit of charitable guilt. But if you’re on this website, you’ve probably already made twelve Facebook posts denouncing that cause. 

It’s been one heck of a year. You might want to throw your hands to the sky and yell, “I want a do-over!” Well, unfortunately, life doesn’t give us do-overs. It does give us the chance to keep that do-over feeling from spilling into the next year, though. Giving Tuesday isn’t only a day to give to your favorite charity; it’s a fun way to get others involved as well.

How does #GIVINGTUESDAY work?

Giving Tuesday lets you engage with your community and everyone around the world. Donate to your favorite nonprofit, then share your support on social with the hashtag #GIVINGTUESDAY. Challenge your friends to give, too! There are also awesome incentives, like the #mygivingstory contest, in which you could win anything from a t-shirt to a $10,000 grant to the nonprofit of your choice. (*hint hint, wink wink*) You can use the #unselfie print-out to show why you give.

Ok, but where's my money going?

That’s a fair question. Lots of organizations seem to have shady practices, and you’re a smart, caring person who wants to make sure you’re not lining some lobbyist’s pockets. Luckily, you’ve made an excellent choice. Have A Gay Day is run 100% by volunteers from all over the country. We all have “real” jobs because we want you trust us to use your entire gift toward improving the world. By remaining volunteer-only, your donation supports our community center, food pantrycommunity garden, and all the exciting projects we’re planning for the future.

What if I prefer to give privately?

If you can find a nonprofit that doesn’t want your support unless you publicize it to the world, it’s probably a cult. Your support keeps Have A Gay Day alive, and we’ll all have to rethink our lives if we’re ever ungrateful.

How do I give to Have A Gay Day?

However you want! You can give to our Facebook campaign, donate directly on the site, or choose any way listed on the donation page.

If you can’t give, encourage others. Write us an email letting us know you support our mission in your heart. Whatever you do this #GIVINGTUESDAY, make sure you improve somebody’s world, even a tiny bit.