Looking back, Moving Forward

It’s an amazing feeling to see all the progress that Have A Gay Day has made over the years. From it’s humble beginnings as a Facebook page no one ever imagined that it would turn into a charity organization. You never realize that rainbow takeovers in the middle of the night would inspire someone or change a life but it happens. Remembering one of the rainbow takeovers there was a grandfather that commented on one of the photos of some rainbow yarn and said that just looking at all of our rainbows sparked something in him to really think about acceptance. He said that at that moment his granddaughter deserved to be loved and something just clicked. If it takes a rainbow to find acceptance then we will post rainbows till everyone wakes up to equality. That was one of the moments that just makes you happy you started a little place called Have A Gay Day.

We never imagined that there would be a facebook page.  Never thought that the Facebook page would grow to over a million likes.  There are so many things that have happened that we never thought was possible.  Our amazing supporters and community have made everything we have done and continue to do possible.  We started with 150 square feet and in 2017 we plan on moving into a space that will be huge compared to where we are are now.  The management at the building doesn’t like our rainbow tree and it’s time to find another step of growth and acceptance.  We can’t wait for everything that’s about to happen. 

We aren’t sure what projects will work or what won’t but we want to create projects that truly give back to the community and make it a better place.  We have thought about memberships and have even tried a few but we’re not sure what we really want to accomplish by these things.  We could create a whole new Unicorn army membership but I think going forward we just want to show that we can make a difference for the community.  It’s amazing we have stickers and resources but we want to create so much more. 

From Facebook to going to pride to marching in rallies.  We have always had a grassroots mission and organization style but going forward we want to try to be better and more organized when it comes to giving back.    We want to have a local feel and do things locally but have a global mission to change the world.  We want to take the smallest amount and create the largest good.  The community seems to have forgotten what it means to be a community and seems to not want to work together as much as make names for itself.  Hopefully we can add to the good of working together.    We have so much more to do, it’s so amazing and exciting.