Below you will find many of the designs we have added to signs, and billboards promoting organizations and spreading positive messages throughout the community.  We have put these designs in high visibility areas and continue to create new designs.  If you would like to take our designs please feel free to use them just let us know where you’re using them.  If you would like to help us get these designs out there please support us. 

Press Surrounding Our Billboards

LGBT Organization Launches 'Big' Ad Campaign

A Dayton non-profit has launched a billboard campaign highlighting issues like LGBT homelessness and suicide. The group, Have A Gay Day, Inc., says they have put up 13 billboard ads south of Dayton that feature slogans like “Hate is Not Holy” and “Adoption Should be Based on What’s in Your Heart.” Founder and Executive Director Michael Knote says the ads are a simple way to bring up LGBT issues that don’t always get talked about.

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Have A Gay Day Launches Billboard Campaign

Have A Gay Day asked their 700,000 Facebook fans to help raise funds for the project and within 3 days reached the funding goal. “The goal of the project is to create visibility and support with the possibility of a long term national project to create conversation and education with the possibility of adding additional graphics and topics,” Knote added Click the title to read the full story.