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The Smile that Made a Difference

5 Sep


Have you ever seen this t-shirt? Well it’s the logo of an Ohio based organization called Have A Gay Day and this week it’s carrying on the wish of some of the friends of the tragedy in Orlando. There was a donation of $20 dollars that came in to give away one of the shirts that Have A Gay Day had been selling to raise funds for the families in Orlando. One of the people in Orlando saw it and messaged the facebook page with an idea. He told the page that he wanted to give them $250 for a friend that passed away in the shooting. His friend always smiled and the logo reminded him of his friend. So he said he wanted to spread that smile of his friend in the hopes that the smile he remembered would never fade.
In the first post on Have A Gay Day the story behind this is shared.

from our inbox:

I would like to giveaway the Have A Gay Day smile t-shirt, in memory of all the smiles given to people by my friend, Xavier Emmanuel Serrano Rosado (Eman Valentino).

I am not seeking any recognition for this giveaway. I want to share his smile with others, because he always made everyone around him smile. My world is a little darker knowing I will never again get to hug him or experience the warmth of his smile, but sharing his smile with others is a good way of brightening my world a little bit.

I will never forget his smile. I would ask the recipients of the t-shirts to always remember Xavier Emmanuel Serrano Rosado (Eman Valentino), and to honor him by spreading his smile to as many people as possible.

So, please comment a smile, and we will be giving away about 15 shirts. We will pick everyone and post the names on Wednesday.

And that my friends is just the start of everything beautiful.

Have A Gay Day on Facebook live streamed to tell it’s followers what was going on. As they were live streaming people began donating money. By the end of today Have A Gay Day was saying that they hoped to be able to give away at least 100 shirts with the smile in the memory of Xavier. They plan to include a photo and a letter to each person that receives the shirt so the person will know exactly why they are receiving them. They also plan to send a letter and a photo to each person that donated in thanks for their support. They will start picking people wednesday and have said it may take a few days to pick everyone. After everyone has been contacted they will place a special order of shirts and in about 2-3 weeks from that time this smile will meet people from around the world.

If you want to donate to Have A Gay Day simply go to www.haveagayday.org and find the donate button. All money donated will be used towards this for the entire week. You can also find the donate tab on their facebook page. If you want to send it through the mail you can send your donations to Have A Gay Day / 10 West 2nd St. #2201 / Dayton Oh. 45402

At last count they have raised $800.00 and they have said that the more they receive as far as donations the cheaper the cost. Many people donated to help cover the cost of shipping and the cost for more shirts. They hope to spread this memory and life far as was the wish of one of his friends.

Also, Have A Gay Day started the day before the tragedy in Orlando called Hate is Not Holy. In light of the tragedy they have said that everything they raise will be going to Equality Florida for the families.

It was one smile, and it’s changing the world.

Update: To see the names of everyone selected just click on

To download the letter we sent to people that were selected

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